Subjects Taught
First Grade, Kindergarten, Second Grade


BS Meredith College Business with a concentration in Management

Teacher Licensure University of North Carolina at Wilmington


Southwest Elementary is my home! I have been teaching at this special school for fifteen years. I have taught all grade levels and disabilities. From resource, inclusion, and  self contained classrooms, I have taught it all. I enjoy the challenge of teaching all grade levels.

This school year I am so excited about my new classroom. I will be teaching a K-2 classroom of wonderful students. My teacher assistant is Ms. Autry and we make a great team. We have been working all summer on making our classroom welcoming and productive. There will be lots of learning going on this year!!!

We will be Sailing into Learning!


A little bit about me...

I was born in Wilmington, NC. I grew up in a very small town in eastern North Carolina called Riegelwood. I have lived in Memphis, TN, Greensboro, NC, Raleigh, NC, Nashville, TN, Lumberton, NC and now reside in Jacksonville.

I have two children: Truitt who is 28 and Carolina who is 25. I can't believe they are both grown. I had a great time raising them and experiencing them growing into productive adults.

I know have two cats, Simon and her daughter Scruffy.  Crazy names, I know. However, they were named by my children.

I absolutely love the beach. The sea calls to me every day. I just love having my toes in the water's edge and watch my kids surf. I enjoy reading and always have a book that I am reading. Yard work is therapy for me. Truly a joy of mine.

Teaching is a passion and love for me. I am astounding and excited every time a student has a successful learning experience. There is no better feeling than experiencing the pride a student has when they have an "ah ha" moment!