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The lab provides a place for the teachers to bring their students (1st - 5th) to perform science experiments and gain hands on experience. It also helps to prepare students with experience as they will be participating in labs in middle school and high school. Having the science lab is great because all the science materials and the dirtiness are in one room rather than scattered throughout the school.

Some experiments that we performed last year are:

1st grade: Making Oobleck - Studying solids & liquids, Five Senses Lab, Planting seeds, observing different types of soil

2nd grade: Making Blubber - Studying the importance of blubber in polar animals, Ocean Bottles, Making Fog - Weather

3rd grade: Observing earth worms, Dissecting seeds, Solar system, Owl pellets - studying bones

4th grade: Evaluating grams of sugar in different cereals - Nutrition, Mock Rocks - Studying minerals in rocks

5th grade: Making an Anemometer - Weather, Investigating air pressure

As you can see, we did some fun things in the lab last year and are hoping to have just as much fun this year. As the teachers prepare and teach the science lesson, Teaching Assistant Mary Horiates is in the lab to assist them in making sure they have all the materials necessary and assist with keeping the students safe.